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Your Guide To Painting And Hanging Wallpaper

Hello, I'm Garrett Covington and my hobby is purchasing older homes, doing some remodeling, and then selling them. I like to do home projects myself because it keeps me busy and it saves me money. When I remodel a home, I always have a lot of painting to do and in many of the homes, I also hang wallpaper. It took me a while to get the hang of putting up wallpaper, but now I can do it as quickly as a professional. I've started this blog to help other people who want to learn how to do their own painting and wallpaper hanging. I've listed various ideas, tips and tricks to help you learn how to do these projects yourself.


Tips For Choosing A Wall Color For Your Bedroom

The look of your bedroom is important, especially since the room is your primary place of rest. If you are trying to choose the best paint color for your bedroom, you may not know where to begin. Here are a few tips to help you find a suitable wall color for your bedroom space:

Choose a color that is soothing.

There are a wide range of colors that can be used for a bedroom. However, some of these colors maybe too stimulating. Bright yellows and other bold colors, such as bright orange or neon green, can make you feel more alert. However, although the energizing effects of these colors may be suitable for other areas of your home, they can make it difficult for you to rest easily.

If bright hues are your favorite tones, consider choosing the same colors with a gray undertone. This will help diminish some of the brightness so that you can still sleep well. Nevertheless, it may be best to choose colors that are naturally soothing, such as neutrals or soft blues. Neutral tones, such as tan and deep taupe, are relaxing, and soft blue colors tend to have a calming effect.

Match your colors to your comforter set and drapes.

Since the wall color needs to complement your bedroom design, it is usually important for it to correspond well with your comforter set and curtains. Still, the wall color does not need to be the same as the most prevalent color in your comforter pattern. This can be overwhelming to the eye. Instead, choose a secondary color from the comforter's palette or choose a color that complements the main tones of the comforter.

Consider the colors of your flooring.

The color of your flooring can also affect the way that your wall color appears. If your floor is extremely dark, choose a paint color that is a lighter tone. Light and medium-toned floors can often be paired with light or dark wall colors.

It is also important to take into account the actual flooring color. If your room is filled with burgundy carpet, a wall color that complements that particular shade of red would need to be selected. This is more important for flooring colors that are derivatives of primary colors. Neutral shades are more easily assimilated with wall colors.

To learn more ways to select a wall color for your bedroom, consult with a commercial painter from a company like Australia Wide Painters.